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Outbreak: Hand Cut Paper Microbes and Pathogens by Rogan Brown


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Peter de Potter
Angelic Starts

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Lindsay Lohan for Playboy

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陈江洪 Chen Jiang Hong

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Chen uses calligraphic techniques and paints on the floor with long wolf-hair brushes. Each brush stroke is a definite, irreversible moment that cannot be changed. The compositions are made up of strong black brush strokes balanced by smoky volutes and tactile sawdust. The subjects are often oversized and blurred, as if Chen has captured a fleeting moment in time. The large-scale ‘close-ups’ have an immediate impact on the viewer, emphasising the materiality of his painting.

Chen’s work translates the vitality of nature with a rare elegance and an extraordinary energy. It would appear to embody the philosophy of Oriental sumi-e – where the aim is not to reprod

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Frauenkopf (woodcut, 1915) by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (German, 1884-1976)